Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kolstad In Coma, Nelson And Shelley Out On Bond

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The news on Isaac Kolstad isn't good from his family and, sadly, it might be worse for Philip Nelson and Trevor Shelley before it's done.

Kolstad's family has confirmed that he is in a medically-induced coma and has had part of his brain removed because it ceased to function. He also has had a tracheotomy to help with breathing.

Here's the latest from Mankato

Part of the statement from the family had these paragraphs about Kolstad's condition:

Due to the injuries Isaac sustained early last Sunday morning, his brain had severe bruising and swelling, increasing the pressure within his skull to life-threatening levels. In order to relieve the swelling, he required emergency surgery on his brain early Tuesday morning. Isaac had a significant amount of his brain tissue that was no longer viable removed during that procedure.

Even though the surgery was successful, the swelling in Isaac's brain remains significant; leaving him at high risk for further injury and potentially additional surgical procedures. Isaac's lungs also sustained severe injury, resulting in the inability to breathe on his own. He also sustained a lack of oxygen to his brain.

The HQ's thoughts and prayers are with the Kolstad's- if this is your kind of thing, a website has been set up to help pay for the family's medical expenses

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