Monday, September 8, 2014

Penn St. Postseason Ban Lifted

It appears the harshest of the penalties being served by the Penn State athletic program in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal are being lifted.

The NCAA announced Monday afternoon they've lifted the postseason ban they placed on the Nittany Lions. In addition, they will get the scholarship restrictions placed on them lifted after the current season ends.

Saying the school has made "Remarkable Progress" in making the changes prescribed after the horrific Sandusky case, the NCAA Board of Directors moved to take immediate action.

What they don't get back: The 112 forfeited wins. However, the NCAA is willing it appears to let the state of Pennsylvania keep the $60 million in fines levied against the state's largest school.

For those unaware, the Sandusky scandal refers to former long-time assistant coach Jerry Sandusky who was convicted of multiple charges of child molestation. During the investigation, it was found Penn State may have overlooked or not paid attention to the signs of a problem and covered it up. There was also a firm belief the football culture had overtaken the day-to-day life of the University and the people living in the community.

This years team under new Coach James Franklin is off to a 2-0 start and is likely to be a bowl eligible team with a shot at winning the blatantly mediocre Big 10.

Now they may get a chance to prove their worthiness on the field...

The talking heads of ESPN debate the merits of today's decision:

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