Monday, September 8, 2014

USC AD Pat Haden Fined $25K for Sideline Incident


So maybe someone will act against USC Athletic Director Pat Haden after he inexplicably showed up on the sideline of the USC/Stanford game Saturday and began arguing with the referees.

The incident was apparently prompted by his coach Steve Sarkasian who had Haden "texted" to come down to the field. Which is to say the least a bit odd.

Monday afternoon, Pac-12 Commisioner Larry Scott announced Haden (USC) will be fined $25K for the issue. Haden also "voluntarily" banned himself from the sidelines for at least 2-games.


Anyway, all parties say this will have no impact on Haden's standing with the CFB Playoff committee nor should it. We, for now will have to buy the story given that Haden was responding to his coach's request. And the coach says he shouldn't have done it.

But it begs the question: Why would you (Sarkasian) need an AD to fight a fight that you picked and should fight yourself?

Just wondering'...

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