Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ACC to Maryland: $50 million to leave please

So. We are assuming that someone at the University of Maryland has a plan to beat the ACC's claim for a $50 million departure fee.

And they better have some good lawyers, because Tuesday afternoon, the ACC filed suit to get their money. The move, which was unanimously approved by the conference presidents, is essentially a "breach of contract" kind of claim.

For those of you unaware, Maryland was announced two weeks ago along with Rutgers as the newest members of the Big 10/14. And Maryland was one of 2 ACC schools who didn't agree with the ACC passing a $50 million payout by departing members.

Wonder why they did that?

It's unfortunate that the only people who are winning at the idiotic realignment game are the lawyers and ESPN.

NONE of this is being done in the best interest of the schools, the players, the fans or anyone else other than the bean counters. Because what is going to happen is the Big 10 will get a gazillion dollar deal from ESPN because they have more TV viewers and nobody outside the athletic departments will ever see a penny of it.

We REALLY hope that Maryland is forced to pay this off. They are already in debt and if YOU live in Maryland you should INSIST that not a dollar of yours or the public money be used to pay this off.

We'll get off our horse now.

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