Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jack Beckman Survives Funny Car Explosion

((HT: NHRA))

Beckman is trying for his first funny car title...

The NHRA drivers are at Pomona for the finals and this happened...

Call it a "disintegration..."

Beckman is okay thankfully...and he did manage to joke about it- even as he knocked out the fifth fastest time in qualifying...

"Can anyone donate left eyebrow," he asked. "I need one now. I've never had that happen to me and I'm not signing up for that again.

"I went for the chutes, but the lever was gone with the rest of the body. I'm thinking, 'OK, the body is gone, just don't wreck car.' But there was oil on my visor, so I couldn't see where the wall was. Other than that, it was just a routine run."

THAT was routine...??? Other than all the other stuff...
AND he qualified fifth...???

Nice work...

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  1. He qualified after that?! Thats ridiculous! His car EXPLODED on the way down the track, isn't meant to happen! And thats a nice waste of materials.

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