Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big East announces Divisions, prepares for crazy travel schedules

So...Temple University, how much travel fun are you going to have starting in 2013. Hope you've increased your travel budget.

The Big East, sans automatic bid for College Football's championships, announced on Tuesday the 12-team league will break into 2-divisions. The East...and the West.

No big deal you say? Well, only if you are in any other normal conference.

Because you see, the Big East, really doesn't have much of an Eastern Footprint these days.

Here's the breakdown:


Boise St.
San Diego St

Think about that for a minute. The East, while covering a lot of ground, doesn't quite balance out. Temple (based in Philly) will now be flying to San Diego, Boise...and Houston. Every year.

Good thing they have a MASSIVE travel budget and lots of time to travel. Otherwise this would inconvenience student-athletes and fans.

Oh wait, it will.

We wish the Big East good luck as they step down from their previous status as a "BCS" league. From here on in, or beginning in 2014, they become part of the "Group of Five" who managed to get a small payout and a seat at the Big Boy table for the soon-to-be College Football playoff. They'll fight it out with Conference USA, the MAC, the MWC and the Sun Belt for the "Final" playoff berth.

Good luck with that boys.

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