Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Adrian Peterson's charges dropped like "Hot Potato"


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson had been facing charges of "Resisting Arrest" in an Houston, TX bar incident back in July. Peterson eventually was released after posting a $1000 bond.

Details of that incident are RIGHT HERE

We didn't report on this at the time because it sounded awfully fishy. And while not saying exactly that it was, Peterson got his charges dropped today.

And dropped in a hurry.

According to a report in ProFootballTalk.com, Peterson's lawyer Rusty Hardin (yes, that guy) came up with a plan to have Peterson's case heard in front of a Grand Jury before it went to court.

It worked.

Peterson and the two police officers involved along with an employee of the club involved testified. Five minutes after Peterson's 25 minute testimony, the Grand Jury said "Charges Dropped".

We suspect nobody is getting an apology here, but we wonder what happened in the first place. Did the officers over react? Did they exaggerate what happened? Did Peterson really push them?

We will not know the answer...at least until the testimony goes public, but it cleans Peterson's record and probably it should. The whole thing sounded weird from the get go. |f what the report says is true, then hopefully the whole thing will go away, never to be mentioned again.

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