Friday, November 9, 2012

Developing: Bernie Fine will not be facing charges

Bernie Fine

Uh oh....

All the hoopla last year surrounding former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine and the allegations he molested children have amounted to nothing.

According to a report released Friday morning, prosecutors, after going through 100,000 + documents and talking to 130 witnesses, decided there was no case.

Accusations by 4 different people who said Fine molested them while in their teens, surfaced just about a year ago. Those accusations and the allegations surrounding them cost Fine, a long-time assistant and confidant to Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, to be fired from his job.

Two of those accusers, Zach Tomaselli and Floyd Van Hooser would later admit lying about Fine, the other two made allegations that were shaky at best.

The paper says Prosecutors will not disclose what they found or the reasoning for the decision.

Read the story RIGHT HERE

You'll remember this all surfaced around the time of the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State. While nobody on the record will say that was a reason for the allegations surfacing, it did call the question.

All of this doesn't do anything to help Fine, a well respected basketball man who has been un-employable since the accusations surfaced. We may never know the motivation behind it all, but it's cost the man his livelihood. And due to the nature of them, it's a livelihood that he likely will not ever be able to go back to, ever again.

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