Friday, November 23, 2012

Funniest NFL Game Ever: Patriots Rumble, Jets Bumble

By now, if you are a sports fan, you probably know the New England Patriots destroyed what's left of the New York Jets, 49-19.

But did you see the highlights?

This may very well have had the funniest play of all time in it.

Sure, there were lots of "Lowlights" for the J-E-T-S, but the worst may have been when QB Mark Sanchez ran into the butt of one of his offensive linemen, the impact caused a fumble that Steve Gregory or the Patriots grabbed and returned for a touchdown.

No, seriously, that actually happened.After Butt Fumble, The Jets Are Officially The Worst Football Team

And to make it worse, on the ensuing kickoff, Joe McKnight of the J-E-T-S fumbled too, that also was returned for a score.

Here is a question to all of you? Do you find the implosion of a team that ESPN spent the entire preseason covering as funny as we do? Or a team that has a coach who promised they'd make the playoffs?

Heck, at this point, we'd be surprised if Sexy Rexy makes it through the season. And quite honestly, a little dose of humble pie wouldn't be such a bad thing for Rex Ryan.

But that is just our thoughts. Or maybe yours too.....

Anyway, here are your highlights (or lowlights--depending on your perspective)

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