Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tommy Tuberville slaps Grad Assistant

Oh boy. This isn't going to end good.

Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville is in deep doo-doo tonight after he was caught on video during the Tech/Kansas game, slapping the headphones off of a Graduate Assistant.

You'll see it about 45 seconds or so into this video. Tuberville appears angry after he was forced to call a time out when his team couldn't get set on a 4th and 1 play.

Tuberville, for his part, said in his post game presser claims he was trying to "Yank" grad assistant Kevin Oliver off the field.

But look again at the video. It sure doesn't look (a) like Oliver is on the field or (b) that it was "Incidental".

Judge for yourself, but if we were the betting types, we'd bet that Tuberville is going to be in a load of trouble. At the very least he owes Oliver an apology, but really, he's going to owe a lot more than that.

And he should.

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