Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dumb Ass Rumor of the day: Maryland to Big Ten? (UPDATED: Well, maybe, not so dumbass...)

Huh? Really? Are they delusional? Maryland?



A Maryland rivals website (Maryland247) is claiming that there is truth to rumors that the University of Maryland will move to the Big 10.

The obvious question is why?

And it's not that we don't believe that Maryland might consider it, though they'd be certifiably insane to do so.

The question is: Why would the Big 10 go after the Terps?

Sports-wise alone, you are talking about one of the ACC's lightweights. A team that has collapsed to epically bad levels under coach Randy Edsall. And it's not like they were Clemson or Florida State previous to that.

Yes,Maryland is decent in basketball, but really, would the end here justify the means?

The Big 10 already has plenty of teams. Twelve to be exact. Why go to 13 and be unbalanced? Yeah, sure, Maryland would fit on a level with the Minnesota's, Illinois and Purdue's of the world, but it's not like you are bringing in a school that screams "Contract Negotiation" with ESPN or anything.

It kind of both pisses us off and makes us laugh that this is even brought up. And yes, we know sites like the 24-7 sites exist to put rumors and crap out there. And before someone from a 24-7 site says "What the hell do you know?" we aren't saying you don't serve a purpose, you do. We believe you when you say someone told you this. We just question whether that person realized it was probably a joke?

PM UPDATE: David Jones, columnist for the Harrisburg Patriot-News (via his Twitter), had an interesting take on the Maryland egress...

Not scoffing at BWI report of Maryland to B1G. It's credible. If it happens, that would indicate someone must be #14. Rutgers makes sense

Which means that the egress from the Big East is still ongoing and people think the long-term viability of the conference in football is still in question...

According to an article by O'Neil, McMurphy, and Katz over at ESPN, Maryland president Wallace Loh is fronting the talks with the B1G and AD Kevin Anderson has told staffers that there are talks going on...

The larger issue for a Maryland exit is the exit fee with the ACC- now $50-million- considering all their financial problems at present. The ACC would then, in turn, probably pursue UConn to fill the space left by Maryland's transfer.

That would keep ACC at 14 football members- Commissioner John Swofford's desired number...

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