Friday, November 30, 2012

Hype Music: Dawgs on Top: Interesting Imagery

This is interesting. Well produced, but parts of it are a bit...well...odd.

A group of University of Georgia fans have put together what the young kids these days call a "Hype Video" (sarcasm).

And it's very well put together.

We're assuming it was done to get them hyped for Saturday's SEC Championship Game vs. Alabama which if they are able to win, would get the Bulldogs to their 1st ever BCS Title Game.

Unfortunately for us, we couldn't get past the Dwarf Rapper at the beginning. Mind you we have nothing against that, it was just not an expected image. The other was the generic white boy student eating a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich in slow motion.

Those images were just plain weird.

But hey, whatever works. And no, we haven't picked a winner in this game because what we want to happen and what we think will happen unfortunately are two different things.

Check out the Video posted by Graham Williams:

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