Monday, November 12, 2012

Wife Kills Former Pro Boxer In Self-Defense


The wife of former boxer Ernest Mateen (now know as Ernest Mahir Abdul-Mateen) is not expected to be charged in his death according to local police...

Kia Jeffries acted in self-defense in the shooting of Mateen at an extended stay motel almost a week ago, according to a police investigation. Police were called to the hotel, found Jeffries injured, and also found Mateen shot and bleeding in a hallway.

Jeffries admitted to police that she had shot Mateen. Both were transported to hospital where he died from his injuries.

From Alexis Stevens article:

“They determined that Abdul-Mateen used a handgun to hit Jeffries repeatedly, until he was exhausted,” Gwinnett Police Department Corporal Jake Smith said. “At that point, Jeffries managed to turn the gun on Abdul-Mateen and pull the trigger.”

Also from Stevens, at the time of the shooting Mateen had outstanding warrants from previous incidents involving Jeffries' apparent false imprisonment and battery in another city.

Here's Mateen in action against James Toney during his "Ernest Mateen" days...

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