Thursday, November 15, 2012

Morning Laugh: NY Post speaks truth about Jets


Sometimes the New York tabloids are annoyingly stupid. And sometimes they are REALLY funny.

This time, the New York Post is really funny.

Check out the back page cover for today. A photo of Rex Ryan and his idiotic New York Jets titled "Clowns".

Even at our snarkiest best, we couldn't top this.

Saying that we are ABSOLUTELY sick of hearing about the Jets, Tim Tebow and Rex himself may very well be the biggest understatement in history.

Fromt the FORCE FED daily ESPN coverage to the constant whining and complaining, we can't figure out why a team that is 3-6 gets so much attention.

They aren't very good, they've lost 3 in a row and because ESPN has decreed the Sports World will be a better place with a daily mention of Tebow, we get daily lead stories.

Can someone...anyone...explain to us why we care that "Un-named" Jets players say that Tebow sucks? Can they give us details as to why the collapse of the Jets matters to anyone other than Jets fans. A fan base mind you, that isn't NEARLY as large as a certain sports network would like to believe it is.

And yet this is a LEAD story? Why? We don't understand? Are we missing something? Was there an expectation by someone the Jets would be an AWESOME team? Does anyone take Rex Ryan as anything other than what the POST has pictured him as?

So many questions and so few answers. We still have two months of NFL Football left and that means 2 more months of Jets stories.

We know how much we're dreading this, the question is perhaps....are you?

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