Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big East Raids Conference USA: Gets E.Carolina and Rutgers (UPDATED With WAC Movement)

All hail the Big East!

We aren't sure this necessarily would be classified as "Galactic Realignment", but the Big East made a move on Monday to keep themselves at least viable for the immediate future.

That move is adding East Carolina and Tulane to the mix. And it should be noted East Carolina is only bringing their football team.

The move makes up for the loss of Rutgers to the Big 10 and supplements the Big East maneuver to become the "New" Conference USA. We say that because noted powers SMU, UCF, Memphis and Houston, all C-USA teams are heading to the Big East/West.

It should be noted that the Big East will lose their "Automatic" BCS status in 2014. They will be a part of the "Group of 5" in the new playoff system with the Sun Belt, Conference USA, the MAC and the Mountain West. The best/highest ranked team in that group; will have a shot at the playoff. A shot, not a guarantee.

Here's coverage from WNCT-TV on the East Carolina end...

PM UPDATE: And in another part of global realignment, the Western Athletic Conference (or what's left of it...) is adding Grand Canyon and losing the University of Denver to the Summit- after one season...

How's that for stability...??? And they need to find another school quickly to keep their automatic bid in the post-season tourneys...

Grand Canyon joins Cal State-Bakersfield, Idaho, New Mexico State, Seattle and Utah Valley in the WAC starting in 2013-14.

That just screams "power conference..."
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