Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Penn State fans convinced NCAA is "Out to Get Them"


These days everything is a conspiracy, isn't it?

If you ask fans of Penn State, they are convinced.

Why? Because they say they were "Screwed" on a bad call during Saturday's loss during the Nittany Lions game against Nebraska. They say it was obvious the refs had it for them when they ruled Penn St. TE Matt Lehman had fumbled when he tried to reach across the Goal Line late in the 32-23 loss. Though replays appeared to show Lehman scoring, the call stood and Penn St. got nothing.

The Penn State are convinced that is why they lost. It would have given them a 3-point lead with 7:39 left. Of course, they smugly assumed Nebraska would not have possibly scored to take back the lead.

Penn State QB Matt McGloin was quoted after the game saying "We're not going to get that call ever, against any team. It doesn't matter who the refs are, that's the way it is.

Gosh Matt. You and your fans have figured it out. The NCAA has told all of their refs "Screw Penn State, make 'em lose."

That of course doesn't really explain how the Nittany Lions have won 6 games then, does it?

Now, the war drums are getting louder after an apparent technical glitch caused Penn State merchandise to "Disappear" from the "official online store" of the NCAA, shopncaasports.com.

Of course, the spokesperson for the company that runs the site told the Altoona Daily Mirror that it was a "Technical Glitch" and that it would be fixed.

It was fixed.

But that hasn't stopped Penn State fans and in some cases middle PA sportswriters on Twitter from insinuating that somehow this is all some sort of NCAA conspiracy to punish Penn State for the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Sorry guys. Not buying it. While the NCAA is certainly not happy with your school and administration, just this isn't quite a conspiracy make. Think about the logic here. If they wanted you to lose, why let you play, period? And yeah, maybe the refs did blow the Lehman call, but that alone, hardly qualifies as a conspiracy. If you have some lengthy track record of you getting totally screwed, we'd certainly listen, but REALLY guys.

Stop whining.

But hey, what's a good conspiracy theory among friends.

Here's your play in question:

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