Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rockaway football coach inspires with speech; team inspires by showing up

((ht: deadspin/gothamschools))

Sometimes Sports gets it right. Sometime coaches say what we ALL think and do their best to inspire and to motivate.

That's the only way we can describe the pre-game speech given this past Saturday before Rockaway's Beach Channel High School coach Victor Nazario. The Rockaway peninsula was all but flattened just two weeks ago by Super Storm Sandy.

Nazario gave a rousing, somewhat salty testimonial about his team, their fortitude and their willingness to give all they've got, despite many of them not having a home to go to.

25 of Nazario's Dolphins showed up for the game. And that despite no field to practice on, no cell service for contact and roads clogged with relief vehicles.

They didn't win the game, losing 35-6 to the Staten Island Port Richmond Red Raiders. But they won the game. Just by showing up. Just by giving it all they had. Just by taking some time away from a disaster to play the game they love.

Here's video of Coach Nazario's Speech:

Coach Nazario's pep talk [contains profanity] from GothamSchools on Vimeo.

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