Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Maryland has new Uni's: Will anybody notice?

Courtesy: Maryland Athletics
So, we are happy that the University of Maryland has a wonderful apparel deal with Under Armour.

That agreement seems to allow them 1-2 new uniform combinations every season.

Unfortunately, it also seems to allow them roughly the same amount of wins per season.

In today's New Marketing revenue news, Maryland debuted the new "Black Ops" uniforms they'll be wearing vs. Florida State Saturday.

The Maryland folk--well, okay, the athletic department at least, wants to get all their fans to wear black and have a "Blackout" game.

Which would be a great idea--if they could fill more than half their stadium.

Hey, after the sportswriters that cover the team had to listen to a 6-plus minute Randy Edsall plea for attendance, the least the school could do was give them a reason to come.

We wish the Terrapins luck in this endeavor, the whole flavored uniform thing might work once, but never works twice. Just ask the folks in Georgia who tried that one.

Here's some video of the result:

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