Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OMG: Bama fans tailgate video: Scary, Creepy or Funny?

((ht: bustedcoverage/wiat))

Holy Crap. We don't know whether to be scared, embarrassed, laugh or cry.

There are certain stereotypes that are assigned to fan groups based on where they live, though not necessarily on what they actually are.


This may go a long way towards proving the stereotype is true.

Alabama fans may or may not be real cognizant of what fans outside their state think of them. And unfortunately, this nat sound story produced by CBS Affiliate WIAT-TV in Birmingham probably won't do much to elevate that opinion.

**Note**--We write this with the understanding we may get called some rather nasty names for this--and possibly might have to start checking underneath the car...

Watch as Gary and Becky celebrate, cry and do a few other odd things while not actually watching the Alabama/Texas A&M game in the stands, but rather in what is apparently known as TTown Tailgate.

Or know to people outside Alabama as the place those who can't afford tickets hang out.

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