Thursday, November 29, 2012

ICYMI: Saints charter Egged in Atlanta


This is kind of funny, though if I'm the boss at Atlanta's airport, I might be investigating my workers.

Anyway, according to a report in the New Orleans Time-Picayune and confirmed with multiple Tweets, it appears there was a bit of an incident when the New Orleans Saints team charter arrived in Atlanta Wednesday night before their Thursday game with the Falcons.

According to Tweets from backup QB Chase Daniel, TE Jimmy Graham, LB Will Herring and WR Joe Morgan, ramp workers at the airport EGGED the plane.

Yes, that's right, apparently they threw eggs at the New Orleans plane.

Read the story RIGHT HERE

The Saints seemed to take this with a bit of they should, but Eggs? Seriously.

There has always been a bit of bad blood between the two teams, but most of the doo-doo has been coming from the Falcons, who have not been able to do much with the Saints over the past several years. And the Saints have handed the Falcons their only loss in 2012.

But Eggs?


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