Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pre-Carousel: Cal Fires Jeff Tedford

Sometimes 12-years with a College Football program is too much. In fact in major conference college football it often is.

12-years for Jeff Tedford at Cal was exactly that: Too long.

Tedford was fired Tuesday morning as the Golden Bears limped through a 3-9 season. And yes, the school owes him money. A lot of money. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 million for the next three years.

Tedford made a name for himself as the groomer of quarterbacks. While at Oregon as an assistant, he groomed Joey Harrington. At Cal, his biggest success was Aaron Rodgers.

The Golden Bears just moved into a fully renovated stadium and the losses moved the school to try and find someone else to ignite the fire and get people back into the stadium.

No real early speculation on a front-runner to replace him, though the Coaching Carousel will not begin in full until the regular season ends next week and many more coaching jobs come open.

Local Coverage seen below...
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