Friday, November 9, 2012

Idiot fans threaten Lakers Coach Mike Brown's son


Why do people these days feel so compelled to take out their frustrations on random people for no apparent reason?

It appears that ignorant, stupid and moronic fans of the LA Lakers are taking to Twitter to threaten coach Mike Brown's high school age son over the Lakers slow start.

Elijah Brown plays basketball for his L.A area high school and has taken the threats seriously, but isn't concerned by them. And maybe he shouldn't. But it's a horrible statement about fans that needs to be addressed.

Read the story from the Orange County Register RIGHT HERE

It never ceases to amaze us how Sports Fans panic over things that are completely inconsequential. Yeah, sure, the Lakers have started 1-4....but they have what...77 more games to play? Worry about things in game 77, not game 5.

But it's indicative of a problem in Sports and lately in life. People feel compelled to lash out via Social Media over what they believe to be wrong. And most of them have no idea how easy it is to track them or for what they say to offend someone.

And yet it keeps happening.

Sure, yeah, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. And their own belief system. If you feel compelled to share it with like minded friends or family, that's fine.

But don't start threatening kids over it! EVER!

We wish the Brown family or the Lakers would track the dumb asses making these threats down and have them prosecuted. It's not hard to do. Really. If you are stupid enough to do such a thing, it's not likely you are going to be smart enough to cover your online tracks.

Okay, time to stop now....

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