Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hockey Fix: Andrew Shaw gets 6-games for AHL Brawlathon

((ht: yahoo/puckdaddy))

Who says there isn't any hockey going on right now? Why half the OSG Sports Media front office went and took in an ECHL game our ownselves this past Saturday.

It's all minor league hockey, which isn't such a bad thing. In fact they don't mind having crazy on-ice brawls in the minors.

Check out one that took place this past weekend in the AHL. Rockford Ice Hogs vs. the Lake Erie Lock Monsters.

The fight starts innocently enough, lots of pushing and shoving around the goal, as hockey players are wont to do.

But the action REALLY picks up around :45 seconds in. That's when Rockford's Andrew Shaw (yes, the same guy who played for the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL), came flying into the fray. And immediately starting swinging at Lake Erie's Patrick Bordeleau.

Shaw was eventually pulled away, but then Bordeleau found himself jumped by Wade Brookbank. Bordeleau got 26 penalty minutes, Brookbank 10 and a game misconduct for leaving the bench. As did Shaw.

And now, Shaw will get 6 more days off as the AHL suspended him.

Take a look at your fight video: (courtesy EricBoulton26--former Thrashers Eric Boulton??)

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