Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OSG High: QB Ejected For Imitating Cam Newton

((HT: Kevin Ridley))

Okay... the HQ is seeing things get just a little out of hand...

Watch the video below and we'll ask you a question afterwards...

Was the act at the end worth an ejection...???

Apparently, to the officials in the West Mecklenburg-Hough game it was... the super-hero move was considered "bad sportsmanship." West Meck head coach Jeff Caldwell didn't think it was disrespectful what QB Jalan McClendon did in the 45-10 win, but there you go...

Scribes asked the Carolina Panthers QB what he thought about the act:

"Taunting is taunting, but at the end of the day you still have to have fun playing the game," Newton said. "... I don't think my (celebration) is anything derogatory of any sort."

And the HQ would agree... McClendon was ejected for taunting so, thankfully for West Meck fans, he only had to sit out the end of the game and won't be out for this week's playoff game.

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