Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apparently Georgia Football is popular in Montana


Are you ready for your good laugh of the day?

We'd like to introduce YOU, College Football fan....and YOU Georgia Fan, to the Montana Project.

The behind the scenes "Man on the Street" or in this case "Sports Bar" interview-a-thon was done by a displaced Georgia Bullodgs fan after reading a column by Sports Illustrated writer Stewart Mandel back in 2007.

The end result some 5-years later, as wonderfully produced by the brains behind the "Get the Picture" blog and camera guy Hoppy Hopkins, is very, very funny. And worth your 4 and a half minutes to watch.

You should also read the explainer. It's quite funny and well worth the read.

Go to the blog RIGHT HERE

And no, in no way, shape or form does this speak badly of Montana College Football fans, in fact, we are quite impressed with their football knowledge.

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