Sunday, September 23, 2012

OSG Prem: ManU Snatches One At Anfield

((HT: SkySports/Premier League))

It was an emotionally charged day as Manchester United took on Liverpool for the first home game after the revelations of the independent search committee delving into the Hillsborough 96.

Before the match, both sides gave their respects in a touching ceremony... ((HT: FoxSports))

But the game itself was one of those hotly contested, call-no call games that will go down for the call that gave RvP his chance to get the game-winner off a PK...
The guys in Los Angeles discuss... ((HT: FoxSports))

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, leading the squad to its worst start in over 100 years, said the "best team lost" today:

"Some of the decisions, I wouldn't want to go on too much, but if Jonjo Shelvey gets sent off then Jonny Evans has to go as well. I think both players' feet were off the floor. "That was out of our control. I thought the players were brilliant and didn't get what they deserved."

Manchester United's Ryan Giggs was corraled after the game as well...
The HQ wonders just how much more rope Rodgers will be given before getting sacked...

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