Friday, September 28, 2012

Thomas DeCoud has a little fun with SportsCenter


You'll have to listen to this interview with the sound WAY up, because ESPN didn't make the video available. But some discerning listeners with YouTube accounts did.

Apparently during a recent ESPN SportsCenter, they did an interview with Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud. DeCoud, a Cal Grad, had a very good game against the San Diego Chargers this past Sunday and is part of a defense that currently leads the NFL in interceptions.

The fine folks at the 4-letter did a phone interview with DeCoud, asking his opinion on a variety of things, but particularly the resolution of the Referee Lockout.

Listen closely, DeCoud does a takeoff of a skit from the Broken Lizard troupe's comedy "Super Troopers". In a scene from the movie, a couple of Troopers pull over a speeding a driver, and get in Meow's as many times as they could.

If you pay attention, DeCoud appears to get at least a dozen of them.

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