Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Accept no Replacements

Never accept anything but the best. Or in the case of the NFL, why worry about quality if you can save a few bucks.

As Mick once said, "You can't always get what you want":

But enough about the pros, we talk about the pure game, College Football. Hey, stop laughing!

There are changes afoot. Some teams are proving to not be quite as good as we once thought. But others seem to be better.

This week, the major meets prisoner #11. Are you listening Notre Dame?

So, we went 12-1 last week. How 'bout them apples? Makes us 37-6 on the season. Maybe now you'll be attention.

With that in mind, we quote the legendary Casey Kasem and say "It's on with the Countdown!"


1) Alabama 4-0. Okay, okay, I don't want death threats from people in Alabama. They have NO sense of humor regrading their football. None. Which explains Saban. Uh...anyway...As of this moment, they are considered College Football's best. Enjoy the ride. (This Week: vs. Ole Miss Our Pick: Alabama 31, Miss St. 10)

2)Florida State 4-0. Great win for the 'Criminoles--ooh, sorry, hard to escape your past. But seriously...and no, don't call me Shirley, they've proven to be pretty darn good. Barring an implosion, they should run the ACC table. Oh...sorry, that never happens. (This Week: at S.Florida. Our Pick: FSU 31, USF 13)

3) Oregon 4-0. Sorry, still don't buy them as some sort of defensive juggernaut. And until they are, they won't be #1 in our poll. Unless of course the teams ahead of them keep losing. (This Week: at Washington St. Our Pick: Oregon 41, Wash. St. 31)

4) LSU 4-0. Uh...The Lovely Bride won't like this, but they don't appear worthy of where we ranked them previously. To say they looked awful on offense vs. Auburn would be an understatement. But they did win, so there is that. (This Week: vs. Towson St. Our Pick: LSU 47, Towson 3)

5) Georgia 4-0. Now we'll get to see if they are worthy of the lofty status. All the suspended guys are back and the games get at least a little tougher. That being said, they just killed a not-as-awful Vandy team last week. (This Week: vs. Tennessee. Our Pick: Georgia 37, Tennessee 21)

6) South Carolina 4-0. Well, Connor Shaw made me eat my words, he was pretty damn impressive last week as the 'Cocks creamed the Missouri Tigers. (yeah, I know, juvenile) Everything is being geared towards the Georgia game next week. (This Week: at Kentucky. Our Pick: S.Carolina 38, Kentucky 13)

7) West Virginia 3-0. They didn't exactly crush Maryland, who showed signs of life--for once. But Geno Smith continues to be the man and our pick for the Heisman. Unless they lose, which we suppose, could happen. (This Week: at Baylor. Our Pick: West Virginia 51, Baylor 48)

8) Stanford 3-0. Long live the tree. They got a week off after brushing aside USC, which is a good thing. No crazy good stars here, just a good, well coached team. But we don't see them finishing in the 12, but then again, we've been known to be wrong. (This Week: at Washington. Our Pick: Stanford 31, Washington 27)

9) Kansas State 4-0. They are getting lots of national love for beating an overrated Oklahoma team. Which doesn't discount the fact they beat them in Norman. But still. Colin Klein is a great running QB and the team is solid and deep. And as long as Bill Snyder coaches....(This Week: BYE)

10) Florida 4-0. Yes, that's right, they are back. Sort of. They've played well enough to win, but outside of Kentucky, they haven't blown anyone away either. This may soon change as the schedule gets tougher. Much tougher. (This Week: BYE)

11) Notre Dame 4-0. We aren't sure we've ever had the Irish in the Dozen. Congratulations Notre Dame, you may become relevant again. Your defense seems to be top notch (thanks Manti Te'o). But you better pick it up on offense or it won't last. (This Week: BYE)

12) USC 3-1. Yes, we're putting a one loss team in here. The other alleged undefeated mega-powers are less than convincing, they are just kings of cupcakes. USC will be tough as long as Matt Barkley stays healthy and Coach Kiffykins head doesn't explode. (This Week: BYE)


Oh Colorado, you tempt us so. We don't like to move teams out of here unless they truly earn it and since you won this past week, But you did beat the fighting Mike Leach's in a nail biter, so you can now leave the island.

5) Kentucky 1-3. Yes, we know, they've won a game. But it was against Kent State. They haven't been competitive against anyone else. Pity poor Joker Phillips. We love the idea of a coach named Joker, but this Joker may soon be pulled from the deck. (This Week: vs. S.Carolina. Our Pick: see #6)

4) Arkansas 1-3. Haha! Just to prove we aren't total SEC homers, here's 2 teams in the bottom five. And they appear to deserve the honor. If you can't run and can't stop anyone, you can't win. Think about that one John L. Smith. (This Week: at Texas A&M. Our Pick: TAMU 34, Arkansas 24)

3) Idaho 0-4. Oh, poor Idaho. They had a chance to beat Wyoming. And yet they didn't. Which is why they are here. You know, if you are being outscored by 20 pts a game, you probably won't win much. And that is Idaho in a nutshell. (This Week: at North Carolina. Our Pick: UNC 40, Idaho 10)

2) Memphis 0-4. You know your team sucks when Duke blows you out. And that is what happened to the toothless Tigers. And their best RB just left the team. Wah! Wah! Wah!. There's always basketball season on the horizon. (This Week: Bye 41, Memphis 3)

1) UMass 0-4. Congrats to the Minutemen. They've reached double figures in scoring the last two weeks. But they've been out scored 90-29 in those two games. Which is why you land in polls like this. So....(This Week: vs. Ohio. Our Pick: Ohio 90, UMass 29)

And so wraps up Week #4. After this week it gets serious, with several top teams playing each other. And the cupcakes playing each other too.

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