Wednesday, September 12, 2012

British PM Issues Apology For 1989 Hillsborough Incident

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, has issued an apology after the findings of a new inquiry has been released detailing the April 15th, 1989 incident at Hillsborough, England. 96 Liverpool fans died in the crush of spectators in the 6th minute of play as the one end that housed Liverpool fans became overcrowded.

The inquiry revealed that: "It is evident from analysis of the various investigations that from the outset South Yorkshire Police sought to deflect responsibility for the disaster on to Liverpool fans."

The report also found that 116 of the 164 police statements identified for "substantive amendment" were "amended to remove or alter comments unfavourable to SYP (South Yorkshire Police)"

Here's the PM in House with some of the information of the cover-up...
((HT: BBC))

Here was coverage of the incident as it happened...

It was disclosed that 41 of the 96 who died could have been saved had attention been given to them in a timely manner.

One of the more interesting allegations brought forth in the report, as published by Sky Sports in the FA Cup semi-final with Liverpool and Nottingham Forest:

The panel said the Police Federation, "supported informally by the SYP Chief Constable" sought to develop and publicise a version of events derived in police officers' allegations of drunkenness, ticketless fans and violence.

"The vast majority of fans on the pitch assisted in rescuing and evaluating the injured and the dead," the panel said.

The next stage is to figure out whether or not the 96 and their families will have the opportunity for any kind of legal action once they get the chance to look at the thousands of documents released from the new inquiry...

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