Monday, September 17, 2012

Holden Thorp Next To Step Down At UNC


The accumulation of all of the scandals in all of the different departments has taken its latest pound of flesh- current and soon-to-be former Chancellor Holden Thorp.

At the end of the 2012-13 school year, he is stepping down...

“I will always do what is best for this university," Thorp said in a statement. "This wasn’t an easy decision personally, but when I thought about the university and how important it’s been to me, to North Carolinians and to hundreds of thousands of alumni, my answer became clear."

Here's the lead in Raleigh...

Thorp has been chancellor since July 2008. He was the dean of the school's College of Arts and Sciences and was even a Chemistry professor in his past life on campus.

He will go back to being the chemistry professor and researcher. He will get his $420,000 chancellor's salary for a year, and then 60-percent of that figure when he goes back to being a professor.

Last week, Vice Chancellor for Advancement Matt Kupec and Tami Hansbrough, a major gifts officer at UNC and the mother of Tyler Hansbrough, resigned from their jobs in the latest stage of resignations and rearrangements.

And the HQ doesn't think that Thorp is the end of the worst scandal in the school's history, either...

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