Friday, September 21, 2012

Retiring Chipper Jones participates in Braves rookie hazing

((ht: @PeterMoylan))

Well, they call it hazing, but it's more like wacky dress-up and it's an annual baseball right of passage.

There have been various photos circulating of teams making their rookies dress in odd ways in public places. We saw the Miami Marlins rookies dressed as the U.S Water Polo team on Times Square for instance.

This one is a little different.

No, not because of how they dressed. It was a little goofy, but nothing scary or offensive. Take a CLOSE look at the picture. The Atlanta Braves rookies posed for this picture taken by reliever Peter Moylan.

Look at the guy with the sunglasses on.

That guy is 40-year old, soon to be retiring Chipper Jones and yeah, it's pretty funny. The only thing we can figure--he wanted one last time to have fun with this.

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