Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jim Mora throws media out of practice, Media laugh hysterically


Oh, J.L Mora, the Sports Media loves you so....

You again make headlines, at least in Los Angeles and for sure the blogosphere for doing strange and whiny things.

This time it's for tossing the media out from UCLA's practice Wednesday morning. The offenders, TV Crews allegedly walking around in "Restricted" areas.

Oh, he threw out the Sports Information Department too, whom he blamed for the whole incident.

The notoriously high-strung and parnoid Mora, had the gate to the practice field locked according to the Los Angeles Times, which was all well and good, except three players who arrived late and had to wait for someone to let them in.

Read the Times story RIGHT HERE

You'll recall, Mora made some headlines a couple of weeks ago for not telling a prized, early recruit from Georgia that his scholarship was being pulled. That recruit, Eddie Prinz had to find out through his father, who tracked down an assistant via telephone.

We would say here that Mora needs to lighten up, but we know Mora from his tenure in Atlanta, and this is the way he operates. We wish the L.A media luck, but also offer some advice: Don't pay attention to the man. Unless he makes UCLA relevant, there's no reason to. He doesn't like you, and probably doesn't even know you. He just knows, much like his counterpart at USC Lane Kiffin, that you exist because the higher ups say you have to and in their mind, you are giving away all their secrets.

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