Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: USC got beat by a Tree

Well, hopefully you are still with us as we enter week number 3. Because this is college football, there are always upsets, and last week proved that when Stanford beat USC.

Now mind you Stanford didn't have Andrew Luck or any of the other graduates who went on to play in the NFL or running corporations, but they still won.

We think it's because ESPN picked USC to win it all. Or maybe it was USC coach Lane Kiffin and his unbelievably tight sphincter.

We have to run his presser from yesterday again...because it was just too friggin funny.

No pressure there Coach Kiffykins, no pressure.


With that being said, we didn't have a perfect week last week, but we didn't do poorly either. Let's go back and take a look:

Last Week's Picks: 11-4. Not bad, but we can do better. Overall:'t that sound better?

In this weeks clip, we go to the execution scene, something we are pretty sure the L.A. Media would like to do to Kiffykins...or Kiffykins would like to do to them:

And now, in the words of the Immortal Casey Kasem it's--"On with the Countdown"

The Dirty Dozen:

1) LSU 3-0. We're sticking with them even though they aren't the popular choice now. And yeah, there are a few roadblocks. But they really haven't been pushed. Of course they haven't played anyone either.
(This Week: at Auburn. Our Pick: LSU 33, Auburn 21)

2) Alabama 3-0. We won't put them at #1 mostly because we like being anti-establishment, and the Fighting Saban's certainly are the popular pick. They too haven't really been pushed and all things considered, killing Arkansas wasn't much of a surprise. (This Week: vs. Florida Atlantic. Our Pick: Alabama 43, FAU 10)

3)Florida State 3-0. So far, so good, they've been about as close to perfect as you can be. They've only given up 3 points...all year. Of course it's all been vs. Cupcakes. We actually think they have a shot, but we also know much like the Big 10, every ACC team chokes at least once per season. (This Week: vs. Clemson. Our Pick: FSU 27, Clemson 23)

4) Oregon 3-0. Yeah, I know, we don't love them because they resemble a track team. And that is why. Most SEC teams can run with them and are WAY more physical. Track meet football is popular out west, and honestly, they are very good at it. (This Week: vs. Arizona. Our Pick: Oregon 37, Arizona 20)

5) West Virginia 2-0. Geno Smith, Geno Smith, Geno Smith. That's all you really need to say here. They are awfully good and don't have a tough schedule. Maybe a longshot, but I'd watch out for these guys. (This Week: vs. Maryland. Our Pick: Geno Smith 43, Maryland 12)

6) Georgia 3-0. This is as good a starting unit as there is. But are they BCS material? Depth is an issue, though most of the suspended defense is returning. Aaron Murray is legit and so are the freshman RB's.  The only worry is they'll blow a game they shouldn't. (This Week: vs. Vanderbilt. Our Pick: UGA 37, Vandy 23)

7) South Carolina 3-0. Well, we were right in week one about Connor Shaw, but that doesn't seem to be an issue, Dylan Thompson has been impressive to say the least. They'll stick around but everything points to Oct. 6th, when Georgia comes to town. (This Week: vs. Missouri. Our Pick: S.Carolina 31, Mizzou 27)

8) Oklahoma 2-0. They get a lot of love, but the question is: Have they earned it? The jury is still out. There's plenty of talent here, but nobody seems real excited about them. Including us. (This Week: vs. Kansas State. Our Pick: Oklahoma 41, K-State 33)

9) Stanford 3-0. Hmmm. Maybe they don't miss Andrew Luck. Or maybe the defense is just that good that it doesn't matter. Either way they are a surprise and get this on the basis of making Coach Kiffykins look really bad. (This Week: BYE)

10) Clemson 3-0. By virtue of not allowing Notre Dame to make this list YET, Clemson gets the nod. And they get Sammy Watkins back. But they have a tough test this week. The advantage is, they've been tested--sort of--vs. Auburn. (This Week: at FSU. Our Pick: See #3)

11) Texas 3-0. Proof that big schools get big rankings because they are big. They are much improved, but they aren't THAT much improved. David Ash has secured the starting QB job and the depth has been solid. (This Week: BYE)

12) USC 2-1. Ha! Even though we didn't pick it last week, we told you they'd lose a game they shouldn't. That's why we NEVER buy the hype on any team outside the SEC and sometimes not them either. Too many pundits who don't know of what they speak. (This Week: vs. California. Our Pick: USC 37, Cal. 21)

The Bottom of the Barrel: 

5) Houston 0-3. There are a few coaches out there saying this is Karma for the Case Keenum years when they ran up scores on people. And maybe they are right. When you can't run, can't score and can't stop anybody, you end up here. (This Week: BYE)

4) Idaho 0-3. So...there's this team in Idaho. And they play in the WAC and they aren't very good. And they avg. 39 yards rushing per game and 10 points. At least they got paid for letting LSU slaughter them. (This Week: vs. Wyoming. Our Pick: UPSET! Idaho 10, Wyoming 9)

3) Memphis 0-3. They move up ONLY by virtue of the two teams behind them being atrocious. We know why they play football here, but that still doesn't make it right. They've been really bad for a really long time and that isn't going to change. (This Week: at Duke. Our Pick: Duke 31, Memphis 17)

2) Colorado 0-3. Wah! Wah! Wah!. Where have you gone Kordell Stewart and Eric Bienemy? Words cannot describe how bad this team is. And they PAC 12 was clamoring for them? Really? Maybe it was to keep the academic and graduation rate up? It certainly couldn't be for football. (This Week: at Washington St. Our Pick: Wash. St. 49, Colorado 17)

1) UMass 0-3. Colorado is pushing them, but we are quite sure it gets no worse than this. They are the worst in D-1 in almost every category. We didn't think that was possible. Yeeeesh. We aren't even sure what to say here, they average 6 points a game. (This Week: Miami (OH) 41, UMass 5)

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