Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oregon H.S Running Back gets 600 yds, 10 td' one game


Have a season Thomas Tyner of Aloha (Ore) High School.

Tyner celebrated his 18th birthday with 643 yards rushing on 38 carries with 10 TD' himself as his team rolled over Lakeridge 84-63.

Yes, it was football, not basketball.

In case you are wondering, Tyner has 1,230 yards 3 games this season.

Words cannot describe, so read about it from the Portland Oregonian RIGHT HERE


We can only assume the Oregon recruit is being steeped in the same offense he'll play in next year for Chip Kelly.

This also reinforces the stereotype that nobody plays defense in Western Football. All the props due to Tyner for putting up Madden-like numbers, but come on. There's no way anybody can say either of these teams played defense.

And in case you are wondering, no, he didn't set a national record, that one is held by John Ginanntonio of New Jersey with 754.

Oh, that was done back in 1950.

OregonLive provides the video:

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