Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ICYMI: MIchael Turner gets DUI 4 hrs after game ends


We would have posted this earlier, but the day job got in the way.

Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner is in a bit of trouble tonight after being pulled over and arrested early Tuesday morning and being charged with DUI.

Turner had just finished playing in the Falcons game against Denver late Monday night. According to AJC.com, he was pulled over on 1-85 in Gwinnett County for doing 97 in a 65 zone. The officer involved smelled alcohol...and the rest, shall we say, is now history.

Contrary to various Tweets over the day Tuesday, Turner's BAC has yet to be released, so there is no truth--yet--to the rumor it was higher than his "Yards-per-carry" average Monday night.

Sticking with tradition, the Falcons haven't said much, we suspect Turner will get a tongue lashing, maybe a fine, will not be made available to the media on Wednesday and will play Sunday.

But we could be wrong. Maybe he'll apologize. Because his teammates probably aren't real happy with him, with this coming on the heels of a huge 27-21 win vs. the Broncos Monday night. He hasn't been in trouble before, so we are reasonably confident, the league won't get involved here either.

Turner was released from jail about 5am Tuesday morning after making bond.

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