Monday, September 24, 2012

Brandon Marshall and Warren Sapp feud gets nasty

Whoa now! Settle down boys.

It appears NFL Network analyst and former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Warren Sapp and Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall don't like each other.

Apparently on Friday, Sapp went on the Dan Patrick show and tore into Marshall about comments allegedly made towards Shannon and Sterling Sharpe. Sapp accused Marshall of not respecting his elders (polite version) and called him several un-polite names in the process included "Retarded".

Marshall appears to have gotten wind of Sapp's comments. And was none too pleased. He voiced his thoughts on Mr. Sapp via YouTube. They were personal....and they were not very complementary.

Okay now.

Reports say Sapp is now aware of Marshall's rebuttal and is angry enough to threaten to kick Marshall's ass.

We are guessing that Sapp's employer, the NFL Network will not pleased about this. Nor should they be. Sapp is already on thin ice after wrongfully accusing Panthers TE Jeremy Shockey of being the NFL's imformant on the Saints NFL Bounty program.

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