Saturday, September 29, 2012

LA Approves New Stadium Deal


Surprising no one, really, the Los Angeles City Council approved the US$1.2-billion deal to build the downtown football stadium as part of the LA Live Project.

It came a little less than a week after AEG decided that they were up for sale- which caused the normal amount of concern around the planet about all the arenas and stadia that they run at present.

But AEG maintains that nothing will change. And in LA, specifically, they say that since they have already invested $50-million there is no turning back.

Here's Carlos Granda et al.

There has been no pro football in Los Angeles since 1994, but the real ideas are:

1) Who would end up moving from "wherever" to LA to play there these days...? And,

2) The Shield gets ratings for the league double-headers in the Number Two market in the country every week. it would be interesting to see the ratings comparisons from one situation to the other (having a team versus not) to see how the league sells their ad space using the idea as a leverage point...

And would it be worth it financially to leave the city alone...???

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