Thursday, September 13, 2012

UCLA pulls scholarship offer and doesn't tell recruit

Mr. Sensitivity himself

Nice work Jim Mora Jr.

Former UCLA QB recruit Eddie Printz of Lassiter H.S near Atlanta, no longer will be attending UCLA next year because his scholarship offer was "Withdrawn".

But wait, Printz had no idea it was coming, until his father apparently saw a tweet about the Bruins recruiting another QB. Ed Printz finally got the truth after, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he tracked down the coach responsible for recruiting in the area.

Ed Printz told the paper his son planned on taking classes early so he could early enroll at UCLA and also that his boy turned down at least 20-25 offers because he wanted to play in L.A.

Now, the younger Printz will not be left off the college football landscape, he'll get a chance to play--somewhere. But this all smells kind of bad.

Read the entire story from RIGHT HERE

Well. Okay. Technically, Mora didn't "Break" any rules here. And he didn't do anything illegal. But he did something in REALLY bad taste.

Sure, we get that he's "Learning" the college game, but you don't leave a kid hanging like that. Come on dude. Imagine if he were your son.

Anyone who follows the recruiting game knows how cutthroat it is and schools lie and back off promises all the time. We're pretty sure all the players ask is you tell them if you don't want them.

Mora didn't.

This won't change much in California and it won't have an impact on Mora's status as a rookie head coach in the Pac-12. But it WILL have an impact on his recruiting on the other side of the country. Kids WILL take notice of this and think twice before committing to play for him.

Maybe in the big picture it won't matter, but just looking at it on the surface, it just plain smells:

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