Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nick Saban Says Alabama Must Improve. OK

If you listen to Alabama head coach Nick Saban following the Crimson Tide’s 33-14 win over Ole Miss you would have thought they lost. (Thanks WVTM-TV, Birmingham, AL)

Saban’s attention to detail is maniacal however most of what Saban is talking about should stay in the post game locker room on in film session.
Crimson Tide fans do you really want to hear that your substitution patterns was not very good?  After listening to Saban’s post game comments to you feel good about the win over Ole Miss.

I understand you want to keep expectations realistic however reality is Alabama is unquestionably the best college football team in the country. 
Yes there are little things during a game that must be addressed but you won by three touchdowns.

I also realize there is a method to Saban’s madness and there is none better in getting into the heads of opponents than Nick Saban.
You just wish he won’t enjoy the wins more.


  1. Hope our players heal quickly and I am proud of our team Roll Tide!

  2. We think your only contest will be the LSU game... you get past that, and you're in really good shape...