Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ICYMI: Passing of a legnend: Steve Sabol dead at 69

((ht: nfl.com))

And if you are asking "Who is Steve Sabol?" you are either-(a) not a football fan or (b) have never seen an NFL video.

Sabol was the president of NFL Films and the man, who along with his father Ed, created NFL Films, possibly the greatest PR arm of any business in recorded history.

If you are older than 30 and follow Sports, you most certainly know NFL Films. The pounding music, the incredible slow-motion video and the amazing sound of players and coaches all in action, were hallmarks of Sabol and his production team.

Really, it's almost hard to explain the influence the man had.

For me, it was personal. One of my dreams was to work for NFL Films. Why? Because they were and are the "Best of the Best" when it comes to Sports Video/Film work. They are the gold standard. I started in TV, 24 years ago as a Sports Photographer and Producer and shot games for years. My style and my work were totally influenced by what I watched as a kid.

And anyone who knew me back then knew I watched every minute of Sports I could.

Have you ever seen the HBO Series "Hard Knocks"? That's NFL Films. You may not get the game, but just watch that show and the way it's shot and edited. It's nothing short of genius and it all sprang from Sabol's head.

If you are my age, you probably remember things like "The Frozen Tundra", the slow-motion film video with the orchestra music and booming bass voice of John Facenda.

That was NFL Films.

Steve Sabol leaves a family and a business behind. We wish our best to the family and more importantly, we thank them. Steve Sabol will be remembered for a long, long time and he should be. If any one person can be pointed to as the man responsible for the amazing growth of the NFL, then Steve Sabol would be your guy.

Check out this piece on Old School NFL Films:

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