Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soccer game debris explodes after being tossed


It appears, at least based on video evidence that doesn't appear doctored, that there was an explosive incident in an AFC Champions League soccer game.

The item in question, is still in question, but watch the video down at the bottom. You see the player for Iran's Sepahan team pick up the object in question and toss it over the railing.

It proceeds to explode.

There have been a few people questioning the authenticity of the explosion, but if you look at it, it sure looks pretty real. If not, someone is really, really good at doing layered effects on their editing machine.

It's actually kind of funny watching the referee's running like jack rabbit's, the Iranian players kind of walk away...except one guy who moves towards it.

Anyway, the game was suspended, authorities are investigating and we're glad nobody got hurt here.

Take at look at the video in question:

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