Monday, September 17, 2012

OSG Prem: Everton Denied Win By Lack Of Goal Line Technology

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On a day where the Merseyside united as one, a lack of goal line technology screwed Everton out of an easy win against Newcastle.

The Magpies, surprisingly, sat Demba Ba from their starting 11, but he would come back to pay for that decision over and over again.

But more on that later...

The night started with a fitting tribute for the 96 Liverpool supporters who lost their lives at Hillsborough. This past week, it was determined by an independent inquiry that the South Yorkshire Police were at fault on multiple levels for the overcrowding and lack of personal care for victims whose lives could have been saved.

Everton made a point to have a tribute involving a ball boy and girl and a video presentation involving the song "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother."

That was the only part of the evening where everyone agreed with sentiment. Goals by Fellaini and Anichebe were disallowed- one on a questionable offsides call and one because the side official failed to see the other the cross the goal line- which it clearly did.

Here's the highlights...

Toffees boss David Moyes was blunt: "I think it's a difficult call for them but if you're the linesman you're on the line and you'd hope you'd see if the ball went over the line.

"That's their job. He's looking right along so you'd hope he would see it."

So, where's that goal line technology again...???

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