Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Buffalo Jills Manager Releases Statement On Bills' Influence, Commish Wants Buffalo Stadium Options


Admittedly released in time with the NFL Draft tomorrow in New York City, the manager of the Buffalo Jills cheerleader squad is coming out and agreeing with the lawyer of the co-defendants in the current court case involving minimum wage violations and unethical conduct.

Stejon Productions President Stephanie Mateczun suspended operations after the lawsuit was filed and is now speaking out against the Bills and their lack of accountablility. She released a statement that included:

The Buffalo Bills own the trademark for the Jills; they control the field and everything that happens on that field, from the uniforms the cheerleaders wear to the dances they perform. Yet the organization appears content to attempt to wash their hands of any connection to their own cheerleading squad.

The Buffalo Bills management operates a football team valued by some at nearly $900 million. If people believe they don't maintain influence and control over every part of their operation, including their cheerleaders, they are mistaken.

Here's the new interview with the lawyers in charge of giving soundbites until further notice
A sixth former Jill has filed a separate suit and is encouraging other ex-Jills to join- according to James Staas' article in the Buffalo News, there are already 200 former Jills in line. The Bills are not named in the case, and it is considered class action.

In another team-related note, commish Roger Goodell said today that he is looking for a more-intown, up-to-date stadium as the team moves forward in western New York. The design firm AECOM has been given until mid-July to figure out three or four sites for a possible-new stadium for the Bills.

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