Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Donald Sterling The Day After And Shelly Sterling Says The NBA Is "Sexist"

The HQ thinks it's fairly safe to say that last night's interview between Donald Sterling and Anderson Cooper was the 38th version of Sterling spitting into the wind and not giving a tinker's damn about what came out of his mouth.

Or just not knowing what's coming out of his mouth will have a certain blow-back as an old white guy with "rich man's entitlement."

Saying bad things about Magic Johnson as the Clippers have been the other team in Los Angeles isn't a good place to go...
Here's KABC-TV's wrap

And then here's KCBS-TV

Shelly Sterling says she's going to the wall to keep her half of the team...
Shocking no one...

She believes the move that the NBA wants to remove her is "sexist."
That's not the kind of offense you want to mount to keep a possession, is it...???
((HT: NBCLosAngeles/ The "Today" Show))

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