Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ICYMI: Thunder Down Clips in Crazy Finish

Craziness we tell you, pure craziness.

The Oklahoma City Thunder overcame a 7-point LA Clipper lead with 50 seconds left in Game 5 of their Best of 7 series, with a 105-104 win.

The win was not without some controversy and a handful of really questionable decisions by the Clippers down the stretch.

After a missed layup with just over 11 seconds to go, a scramble for the loose ball ensued. In the scrum, the ball went out of bounds and to the Clippers it appeared to go off OKC's Reggie Jackson. But the refs ruled Thunder ball.

The replay's said the referee's, were inconclusive, so the call on the floor stood. The Thunder then inbounded the ball and the Clips fouled Russell Westbrook who calmly drained 2 free throws.

Game over.

The Thunder lead the series now 3-2 with the chance to close things out in Los Angeles.

And yes, this has been a great series to watch.

Your highlights--from

Clippers coach Doc Rivers was--shall we say...less than thrilled about the late call that went against his team. And voiced his disappointment

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