Monday, May 5, 2014

LA Mayor Thinks Sterling Will Fight For Clippers

((HT: CBS News/Face The Nation))

Shocking no one, really, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti thinks that current Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will hang on to the NBA franchise in a very protracted battle...

Garcetti made these remarks on the Sunday morning talk show circuit...

Here's Bob Schieffer with Garcetti

The prevailing thoughts are that Sterling will do exactly that- and a divorce proceeding will muddy the waters even further. Sterling's wife, Shelley, has come out with a statement condemning her husband's remarks. But she didn't mention anything about selling the team.

All that has to be done is any kind of divorce proceeding since California is a community property state. Shelley can claim the team is half hers, anyway. With Donald Sterling reportedly fighting prostate cancer, he may feel with the size of his ego that he has nothing to lose at this point and will make a point to be profoundly annoying in keeping his franchise.

Sterling could make the point that the league may not have any leg to stand on since this recording was made without his permission and was only meant to be personal opinion. He may also claim that being forced to sell would be an unfair business practice since he may not get proper reimbursement if the team is "sold" at less-than-market value.

This is not a good equation...

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