Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NBA Will Say Sterling Violated Signed Contracts, Team President On Indefinite Leave, Stiviano Trying To Stay Relevant

((HT: ESPN))

So, owners sign morals clauses, too...

That's one of the tacks that the NBA will take when chasing after Donald Sterling and their desire to have him no longer be owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Here's Darren Rovell with Jim Basquil to discuss...

It was also announced that Clippers President Andy Roeser will be taking an indefinite leave of absence, effective immediately.

“This will provide an opportunity for a new CEO to begin on a clean slate and for the team to stabilize under difficult circumstances,” said NBA spokesperson Mike Bass in an e-mail.

Then, there's this bit of news involving V. Stiviano in her attempt to move the news cycle forward...
((HT: KCBS))

No word on whether or not she has welding visors for the two kids or if we actually will see their faces in public

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