Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Week 7, Day 2: Did He Make An Uncalled For Remark In Recess...???

((HT: SABC Digital News))

That's the question for Oscar Pistorius today.

Attorney Ian Levitt (for Steenkamp friend Kim Myers) claims that Pistorius asked his client "How do you sleep at night?" in the recess of today's proceedings. Pistorius denied making the remark in open court to reporters.

"It's important to confirm this. It was in front of witnesses. Journalists have witnessed this," Levitt said. Levitt also made the point to tell state prosecutors that Pistorius allegedly said what he said.

Here's session one where another neighbor is on the stand, Michael Nhlengethwa, to talk about the evening of the death of Reeva Steenkamp...

The defense was trying to show with their two neighbors on the stand today that Pistorius' cries after he shot Steenkamp could be confused with a woman's screams. Lead prosecutor Gerrie Nel briefly crossed the two neighbors to clarify that what they heard could have been anything and not just one thing or another...

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