Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Report: Browns To Ban National Media from Mini Camp

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This should be interesting.

It appears there's rumblings of a national media ban at Cleveland Browns HQ for Rookie Camp. And that ban would keep the national media types away from newly crowned darling Johnny Manziel.

Already "Johnny Football" has become the apple of ESPN's eye, with him getting Tebow-like airtime on the endless parade of Sports Center reruns. And if the ban is true, we wonder what happens next.

New York Post NFL writer Bart Hubbuch was told by the Browns PR department to not waste his time coming to camp:

This should be interesting, to say the least.

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So...we think this has the makings of a PR disaster. Not because the Browns are doing the wrong thing mind you. But rather because we think the league will get involved on behalf of it's "Partners".

And while Mr. Football may very well turn out to be a huge star who reinvigorates the moribund Browns franchise, he still has yet to take an NFL snap. He could also turn out to be Tim Tebow.

The Browns should shield him from the wall-to-wall, breathless, nonsensical coverage that an ESPN would give him. Already they devoted a large chunk of "Outside the Lines" once a source of quality journalism to debating whether Manziel should have been told he's the "Backup" QB.

Until he plays and competes, that's exactly what he is. This should not be a "Groundbreaking" moment for anyone. Rookies in the NFL are not given jobs before the season starts. He's going to have to earn it.

So we applaud the Browns for at least making the attempt to quell the circus. The national guys will get there opportunity in July when Training Camp starts. Let the guy breathe. Let the team get acquainted with him. And give the local guys a break.

We can tell you from 1st hand knowledge, the national media creates nothing short of chaos when they show up to cover someone. They change the rules, the dictate the ability of everyone else to tell a story. They ask questions the local have been asking for weeks. They don't get time with the guys they want. And that ain't right. If you are there covering the team day in and day out, you should always get the 1st shots. It doesn't matter who you are or who put you on a plane to get there, you (national guys) shouldn't get the chance to walk over the locals.

Just our 2-cents--

For starters---the introductory presser:

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