Friday, October 19, 2012

Amazing: High Schooler nails 67-yard FG


Wow! There aren't a lot of pro's who can kick a 67-yard field goal never mind a high school kid.

But that is what happened last night in Spokane, Washington when Austin Rehkow of Central Valley High drilled a 67-yarder with 2 seconds left on the clock to tie a game.

The kick sent the game with Shadle Park HS at 55, Central Valley would go on to win 62-55 (No, they don't play defense in the Northwest).

According to our friends at The Big Lead, the kick didn't break a record, someone hit a 68-yarder in 1985. They say young Mr. Rehkow has 3 50+ yard kicks this season...but no full scholarship offers...yet.

Here is your video:

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